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National Network for Advanced Computing

RNCA is intended to make advanced computing services available to the research, technology, innovation and industry communities.

The National Network for Advanced Computing seeks to aggregate national advanced computing resources, promoting cooperation between the various centres involved and developing national and international partnerships with other entities.

Who is it intended for?

Interested parties should apply for RNCA computing resources through the calls published on the FCT website. For questions about access or direct contracting of advanced computing services, contact rnca@fccn.pt. You can apply to RNCA:

  • Higher education institutions, their institutes and R&D (Research and Development) units;
  • State or international laboratories based in Portugal;
  • Private non-profit institutions whose main purpose is to carry out R&D activities;
  • Other public and private non-profit institutions that carry out or participate in scientific research activities;
  • Undertakings of any kind and in any legal form

Technical characteristics

The RNCA was created in 2018 by the digital skills initiative INCoDe.2030, through the resolution of the Council of Ministers 26/2018. RNCA also integrates the Iberian Network of Advanced Computing - RICA, based on the creation of MAAC - Minho Advanced Computing Centre.

Partnerships and external links:


The RNCA has the following operational centers:

And a set of competence and visualisation centres to support Advanced Computing users in accessing HPC, HTC and Cloud resources in Portugal:

  • VisLab - MACC
  • CCVCA.UTAD - University of Trás-os-Montes and Alto Douro
  • CCVCA.UP - University of Porto
  • CCVCA.UA - University of Aveiro
  • 3CA-UBI - University of Beira Interior
  • CCVCA.UL - University of Lisbon, Instituto Superior Técnico
  • CCV.UALG - University of Algarve

Terms of Use

For access to resources consult the RNCA Internal Regulations and Advanced Computing Projects Regulations.

Advanced Computing Project Call published here.

The National Network for Advanced Computing is composed of 4 operational centers and a set of competence centers.
map of the operational centres of the national advanced computing network



INCD logo

The National Infrastructure for Distributed Computing (INCD) ensures the processing of large volumes of information from cutting-edge research projects, providing computing capacity beyond the capacity of the Research Centres themselves.

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macc logo

The Minho Advanced Computer Center is a national collaborative infrastructure to promote and support Open Science initiatives in supercomputing, data science and visualization.

It is a sustainable computing and data infrastructure, aimed at national scientific and industrial communities, articulating with international partners.

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LCA logo

The Advanced Computing Laboratory of the University of Coimbra was founded in 2007 with the aim of providing high performance computing resources and services.

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logo of the university of evora

The High Performance Computing center of the University of Évora Supercomputer has installed the Oblivion supercomputer, acquired by the University of Évora (UÉ), under the ENGAGE SKA research infrastructure, to support the processing of massive volumes of data.

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