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“Anyone can expand their knowledge with Project NAU”

“Anyone can expand their knowledge with Project NAU”


Rui Ribeiro, Project NAU manager explains the main guidelines of this initiative for the construction of a platform for Distance Education and Training for Large Audiences.

How do you describe the NAU Project? 

Project NAU is a national initiative, led by FCT, which includes the construction and operation of a platform for distance education and training for large audiences. Thus, this technical and operational infrastructure allows the publication and promotion of distance courses for large audiences, usually called MOOC courses ‘Massive Open Online Course’, oriented to Public Administration and Higher Education.

To whom can it be useful?

All citizen and professional groups to who public administration intends to deliver training and strengthen competencies, or for those who would like to pursue lifelong learning. The platform contents will be multilingual (Portuguese and English), but with predominance of the Portuguese language and include, among others, courses with scientific content, such as data processing, for researchers and university students; courses aimed at health professionals or welcoming foreign workers are some possible examples.

What is the future vision for this project? 

The future of NAU will be to bring the public administration closer to citizens and it can possibly be a privileged vehicle for dissemination and expansion of the Portuguese culture, as well as a reference in distance education, where anyone can expand their knowledge and learn about the world.