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The GÉANT network is a Pan-European communications infrastructure that provides advanced services to national research and education networks in European countries (NREN – National Research and Education Network), and respective higher education institutions and research units.

More than 30 countries have their national networks connected by high-speed links using GÉANT.

Connection to the GÉANT network is a key element in the integration of the national scientific community with their European counterparts and other regions of the world, through services that support the highest demands.


Without a connection to the GÉANT network, there would be a harmful digital gap between the main national innovation, research and education stakeholders.

This network is an extension of the national research and education networks connected to it, and in this sense, it is also one of the main destinations for communications made via RCTS.

By interconnecting European NRENs, GÉANT plays an accelerator role in European research and a booster role in knowledge sharing.