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RCTS VoIP: workshop materials already available

RCTS VoIP: workshop materials already available

The materials used in the VoIP workshops held at the FCCN and the University of Coimbra on October 18 and 20, respectively, are already available in VoIP space.

To download the presentations and materials used, you can access the document repository of the VoIP space through federated RCTSaai authentication.

The workshops focused on the detection of problems in voice over IP networks, basic concepts of voice over IP, common problems, ways of screening and how to mitigate those same problems. Twenty-six participants from 13 Institutions that currently integrate the RCTS VoIP private voice network were present.

The materials available to support the workshops could be useful to the managers of the private voice over IP networks of the institutions, in reminding the concepts and subjects discussed in the workshops.