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Coordination of IT security incidents

RCTS CERT is a computer security incident response service whose origin or target is RCTS.

In a more preventive component, RCTS CERT provides an alert service and produces recommendations regarding potential security risks and malicious activities.

One of the aims of this strand is to develop an internet safety culture.

Who is it intended for?

It is intended for the Institutions' Computer Support Centres:


The RCTS CERT contributes to the cybersecurity effort in the context of the RCTS user community, having obtained international recognition in its area of action.

In early 2011 it became a member of FIRST (Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams) and achieved Trusted Introducer certification in 2015, becoming the first certified team nationally.

Since its creation until the end of 2014 the RCTS CERT used the name CERT.PT, gradually taking on a national, de facto, security incident response coordination mission.

After the creation of the National Cybersecurity Center, this entity assumed responsibility for the national incident response coordination component, and the unit's incident response team FCCN has since adopted the current name "RCTS CERT", reflecting its new scope of action.

What we do

In the prevention area RCTS CERT issues security alerts and produces recommendations regarding vulnerabilities, potential security risks and malicious activities.

Specifically, RCTS CERT features several sub-services available to the RCTS community:

  • Incident handling: In a reactive manner, it analyses and distributes the information necessary to mitigate the problems that are presented to it, safeguarding the privacy of the individuals or entities involved in accordance with full compliance with the RGPD;
  • Websiteaudits;
  • Phishing Campaigns: Prepares, raises awareness and trains the institutions' employees to deal with situations of fraud through e-mail messages, simulating a phishing campaign and subsequently holding an awareness session.
  • DNS Firewall: Protects RCTS users from communication with malicious nodes if that communication involves name resolution.
  • Vulnerability management: Produces periodic automated reports regarding computer security vulnerabilities on a set of web services/servers.

Terms of Use

The RCTS CERT team focuses on coordinating incident response for the RCTS research and higher education communities. See more information about the service.


Computer Security Incident

Computer security incident means any action or set of actions taken against a computer or computer network and which results, or may result, in the loss of confidentiality, integrity or performance of a data communication network or computer system.

Unauthorised access, tampering with or removal of information, interference/interception of communications, and denial of service are incidents.

How to Report an Incident?

You can report a cybersecurity incident occurring within the RCTS by emailing report@cert.rcts.pt.

In the incident handling process, the RCTS CERT safeguards the privacy of the individuals or entities involved in accordance with its Privacy Policy.

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